Hey, let's give guns to mentally unstable people! Or disincorporate the City of Ely. And of course, strip collective bargaining of more of its place at the negotiating table. Read all about it here. 

Amending the Nevada Constitution to limit the amount of property taxes which may be cumulatively levied per year to 1 percent of the base value of the property. Increasing the penalty a person would be charged with for knowingly submitting false information on their voter registration. Special license plates in support of the Second Amendment. Increasing the penalty from misdemeanor to felony for committing three or more acts of graffiti. Changing the way Home Owner's Associations can collect on a lien of a unit's property.  Changing appeal provisions for workers' compensation. What do all these things have in common? They're all part of the new legislation introduced yesterday. 

Nevada school districts were squarely in favor of Senate Bill 119, which would allow a 10-year rollover of school bonds to finance construction of new schools. That all sounds great - except the part where the school districts would be exempt from having to pay workers prevailing wage. 

Along came Senate Bill 207, which essentially provided for the same thing but did not include the controversial language gutting prevailing wage. It swooped in, was passed, and signed into law by Governor Sandoval before a final vote was ever taken on SB 119. But two days later, SB119 came back unexpectedly, passed the committee without recommendation and was signed into law hours later on a Friday evening after most legislators had already gone home. 

So what happened? What follows is Clark County School District's explanation. 



Enacts provisions related to multicultural education. (BDR 34-102)

Sponsors:  Assemblymen Munford, Hickey, Diaz, Thompson, Flores, Elliot Anderson, Araujo, Benitez-Thompson, Bustamante Adams, Kirkpatrick, Neal, Ohrenschall, Sprinkle, Swank, and Wheeler; Senators Manendo, Atkinson, Denis, Kihuen, Ford, Harris, and Spearman

(Referred to Assembly Committee on Education)


Requires an employer to provide paid sick leave to each employee of the employer under certain circumstances. (BDR 53-1059)

Sponsors:  Assemblymen Neal, Bustamante Adams, Diaz, Benitez-Thompson, Carlton, Elliot Anderson, Araujo, Carrillo, Flores, Joiner, Kirkpatrick, Munford, Ohrenschall, Spiegel, Sprinkle, Swank, and Thompson; Senators Ford, Woodhouse, Kihuen, Atkinson, Parks, Manendo, and Spearman

(Referred to Assembly Committee on Commerce and Labor)

Revises provisions governing certain crimes against older persons and vulnerable persons. (BDR 15-566)
Sponsors:  O'Neill, Armstrong, Dickman, Kirner, Silberkraus, and Wheeler
(Referred to Assembly Committee on Judiciary)

Revises provisions governing records of criminal history. (BDR 14-977)
Sponsors:  O'Neill
(Referred to Assembly Committee on Judiciary)

Revises provisions regarding juvenile justice. (BDR 5-842)
Sponsors: Ohrenschall
(Referred to Assembly Committee on Judiciary)
Makes various changes related to public safety. (BDR 16-568)
Sponsors: Sprinkle
(Referred to Assembly Committee on Judiciary) 

Whatever we may have said about the obstruction and lack of progress by Nevada Republicans is a thing of the past now that they are in control of the Nevada legislature. Check out this list pending legislation already in progress and then submit your opinion about these bills

The following is the status all actions taken on bills introduced  as of February 6, 2015. 

From education to speed limits, marijuana to business development, and liquor licensing to good governance, the 2015 Legislature has its work cut out for them. Approximately 200 bills have already been filed. Here are some to keep an eye on. 

Early voting is currently underway in Nevada. The numbers are underwhelming. Seems like everyone has a reason why they haven't voted yet. That sound you hear is my brain trying to compute the most ridiculous of excuses I've heard. 

I know that we're not all the same. I know everyone has different ambitions, priorities, and life situations. But one of the things that binds American citizens is our democracy. In this country, our vote is our voice. So what is happening?